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World Wildlife Day

WCS Mongolia celebrated World Wildlife Day (WWD) this year in an artistic fashion. We announced a children’s art competition with a theme on Mongolia’s wildlife. We were inundated with almost 100 paintings from high school children all around Ulaanbaatar. The paintings demonstrate immense talent and creative renderings of the spectacular wildlife and landscapes in Mongolia.

We were very encouraged to see that our young generation has a keen understanding of environmental problems and threatened wildlife species in Mongolia. We created a calendar out of the 12 award-winning paintings, which can be seen on the flash album above. We will be making March 3rd (WWD) an annual celebration of wildlife, the arts, and beautiful calendars.

WCS Mongolia

Mongolia is a country of majestic yet harsh landscapes-hot and windswept in summer and bone-chillingly cold in winter. It encompasses what is believed to be the largest continuous temperate grassland in existence. The country hosts an array of wildlife species, including large mammals such as ibex, Przewalski’s horses, moose, camels, and two species of gazelles. Magnificent birds of prey including the endangered imperial eagle, saker falcon, golden eagle, steppe eagle, boreal owl, and cinereous vulture-soar through its skies. Read more

Cover of the 'Wildlife Crossing' documentary

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