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Exploring Legal Insights into Mongolia’s Wildlife Trade

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(April 15, 2024) We are pleased to release our latest report: "Mongolia’s Wildlife Trade: An Analysis of International and National Legal Best Practices," now available in both Mongolian and English. This report marks the third installment in a series dedicated to understanding and addressing Mongolia's wildlife trade. WCS Mongolia partnered with Legal Atlas and the International Conservation Caucus Foundation to explore the legal frameworks surrounding wildlife trade. The main purpos...


Country Reports-Predict Project

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(July 30, 2020) In Mongolia, the PREDICT project focused on improving the national capacity for wild bird surveillance and early detection of avian influenza in order to help address threats to domestic animals and human health. Wild birds are the evolutionary hosts for influenza viruses which cause a range of signs in people from mild illness to death. FAO estimates the global economic costs of losses in the livestock/poultry sector from highly pathogenic avian influenza since 2003 are in the billions of US do...


After 65 years, a Desert Nomad Crosses a Railroad Track and Makes History

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After 65 years, a Desert Nomad Crosses a Railroad Track and Makes History
(June 11, 2020) The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) released a photo today of a single Asiatic wild ass or khulan (Equus hemionus hemionus) crossing a previously impenetrable barrier along the Trans Mongolian Railroad – the first known crossing by this near-threatened species into the eastern steppe in 65 years. The crossing is part of the new Trans Mongolian Railroad ‘Wildlife Friendly’ Fence Corridor, a project that creates simple modifications to existing fence designs that run the l...


With new protections, saiga antelope may continue to be a symbol of Central Asia (commentary)

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(September 11, 2019) The saiga antelope has great cultural, historical, and ecological importance to Mongolia. So I was proud to be advisor to the Mongolian Government Delegation at the 18th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Geneva to ensure that the saiga received critically needed extra trade protections that will safeguard its survival for generations to come.Saiga antelope are classified as Critically En...


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