Baigalmaa Nyamsambuu
Finance and Administrations Manager
Baigalmaa Nyamsambuu serves as Finance Officer at WCS. She earned her Master’s Degree in Agribusiness at the University of Queensland and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the National University of Mongolia. Prior to joining WCS Mongolia, she worked on World Learning Mongolia's LEAD Program, Green Gold project of SDC and “Mongolia V.E.T Net” NGO as Finance Officer for over 10 years.
Ariunbaatar Barkhasbaatar
Wildlife Biologist
Ariunbaatar graduated as zoologist from School of Arts and Sciences, National University of Mongolia in 2015. He has been working at WCS Mongolia program since 2016. Between 2016 and 2019, he worked as an avian specialist on PREDICT2-Avian influenza surveillance project at WCS Mongolia program. Ariunbaatar completed his master’s degree in the Department of Biology, National University of Mongolia in 2019 with Raptor survey. He is currently working on wildlife field surveys at WCS Mongolia program.
Altanbagana Yunden
Conservation Technology Assistant
Altanbagana graduated as geographer from the Mongolian National University of Education and later obtained his master's degree from the Department of Geography at the National University of Mongolia. He used to work as a researcher at the Institute of Biology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, for more than 4 years. During this time, his studies focused on habitat suitability and connectivity modeling for forest ungulates, primarily utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
Bolortsetseg Sanjaa
Law Enforcement & CWT Program Manager
Bolortsetseg completed her first Masters Degree in Biology at the National University of Mongolia, and her second Master’s Degree in Art Communication and Conservation Leadership at the El Paso University of Texas. She spent four seasons working as a wildlife biologist on the Mongolian gazelle research project. Between 2009-2012, she worked as the conservation biologist for the Mongolia Program and managed a social marketing campaign in Eastern Mongolia. In recent years her work has focused on engaging herder communities to conserve wildlife in a grassland ecosystem. Her most recent campaign was focused on improving hunting permit compliance in Eastern Mongolia through public awareness, education and behavior change activities.
Buuveibaatar Bayarbaatar
Habitat Connectivity Program Manager & Senior Scientist
Buuveibaatar is a graduate of the National University of Mongolia where he majored in biology and completed a Masters course in Zoology within the Department of Zoology. Buuvei came to the Mongolia Program in 2011 after spending 5 years working as a researcher for the Institute of Biology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences where he studied large ungulates such as Mongolian gazelles and saiga antelope. Between 2009 and 2011, he completed his second master’s degree in the Department of Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS). Currently, he is a PhD candidate at the same program in UMASS Amherst and his study (dissertation) focuses on the distribution and dynamics of saiga antelope in western Mongolia. Buuvei’s research interests include wildlife biology, spatial ecology, and conservation biology.
Khuslen Galsanpuntsag
Legal Training Assistant
Khuslen graduated from the School of International Relations and Public Administration at National University of Mongolia in 2021. She studied international organizations and law, focusing her research in decision making of international organizations and sustainable development. Khuslen has 4 years of experience as a consultant and brings experience from working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She joined the WCS Mongolia program in May, 2021 as a Legal Training Assistant.
Narangua Batdorj
Conservation Technology Officer
Narangua Batdorj is a Conservation Technology Officer at WCS. She is a Geographic Information System expert with over 7 years of professional experience working in the environmental field in Mongolia. She has worked as GIS specialist at the Forest Expedition LLC, as a Rehabilitation Officer at the “Oyu Tolgoi” biggest mining company in Mongolia. Within CEEweb for biodiversity, she worked as Porject Assistant in Transgreen and Connect Green project.She is Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship holder MSc in Environmental Sciences at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary and a Bachelor in Forest engineering at University of Life Science in Mongolia.
Otgonsuren Avirmed
Biodiversity Monitoring Program Manager & OT Liaison
Otgonsuren Avirmed completed her Ph D in Ecology at the University of Wyoming with International Fulbright Science and Technology Award. Her research areas are soil biogeochemistry, reclamation ecology and plant community ecology of dry grasslands and shrublands. She worked in dry ecosystems of North America and Mongolia for over fifteen years with purpose to understand how these ecosystems recover after disturbances such as mining, grazing and climate change.
Tsend-Ayush Perenlei
Tsend-Ayush works as a Driver at the Wildlife Conservation Society in Mongolia. He graduated from the Extractive Industry College in Erdenet city. He has worked as a driver all throughout Mongolia with more than 25 years of experience. Most recently, he worked for Mercy Corps between 2003-2012.
Tsolmon Bereeter
Administrations and HR Officer
Tsolmon Bereeter joined WCS Mongolia in 2017 as an Office Admin. She graduated from Eco Asia Environmental and Management University in 2021 with a Master’s degree of Environmental Studies, and Orkhon aimag Foreign Language Institute in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree as an English Language Translator and Human Resources special courses in 2013. Prior to joining to WCS, Tsolmon worked World Vision International Mongolia for 15 years and she had been sub contracted by Scope Global “Australian Volunteers for International Development” program as Program Support Officer for 4 years between 2013-2017.

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