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Dzud Crisis Situation Update- March 2024

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(March 31, 2024) As highlighted by both national and international media, a severe winter weather disaster — phenomenon known as a ‘dzud’ —  during the 2023-2024 winter has presented unprecedented challenges for the people of Mongolia. Wildlife is also experiencing dzud, however much less information is available on impact and trends. Recent reports by Mongolia’s Emergency Management Agency indicate the loss of over 5.2 million livestock animals by March 25th, 2024, rising from...


Celebrating 20 Years of Wildlife Conservation: A Look Back at WCS Mongolia's 2023 Achievements

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(January 15, 2024) In 2023, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Mongolia embarked on a scientifically driven conservation journey in the South Gobi landscape, an area spanning over 100,000 km². 2023 marked the 20th anniversary since WCS's official registration in Mongolia, highlighting two decades of scientific inquiry and dedicated conservation efforts. In 2023, WCS Mongolia focused its attention on flagship and threatened species, including the Khulan, goitered gazelle, saiga antelope, and others...


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