Goitered Gazelle

Goitered gazelle (CMS Appendix II) occur in the Arabian Peninsula across the Middle East and Asia to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and Pakistan. They are distributed in approximately 20 countries. Found in arid desert and desert-steppe habitat, they move seasonally in search of pasture and water, and they can cover up to 30 km per day in the wintertime. In the summertime, their average travel distance is substantially less. With a running speed of up to 60 km/h, they are prone to flee when in contact with humans and other creatures with which they seek minimal association.

The goitered gazelle has been hunted for its meat and as a trophy, and it has experienced habitat loss due to expanding infrastructure development, agricultural conversion, and increasing livestock numbers. It has a patchy distribution as a result of anthropogenic activities taking over their natural habitat. Overhunting and habitat loss in all of its range countries have led to a serious decline in its population in recent years.

The most recent count states that the global population of goitered gazelle is 120,000-140,000. However as mentioned, it is estimated that this number has seen dramatic declines among most populations (Mallon and Kingswood 2001).

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